I'm a 20-something year old (trying to be mysterious here), trying to figure out her crap. Enjoy the madness!
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Then and now.
My niece Mai Ly at two weeks, and now at almost three. Her dad, my cousin, was posted in Shanghai for the last couple of years so this past weekend was the first time we really met.
She digs me.

When you’re sick, being able to breathe through one nostril is a triumphant victory unlike any other.

Never take it for granted, people. 

boss like me

When I’m in charge of the agency, things fall to pieces.

There’s dancing, some weird gyrating, I heckle the receptionists and they heckle me. People blatantly start going on Facebook… very little work is done when I’m in charge. 

No wonder the staff likes it when I take over… . .